Logan Bus Company and its Affiliates is one of the largest student transportation companies, and is the largest privately owned transportation company, in New York.

The Logan Bus Company entities own and maintain a fleet of over 2,000 buses and mini-wagons. The Company has multiple properties in Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Nassau County, including bus lots and maintenance facilities. Logan Bus Co. Inc. has been successfully providing student transportation for the New York City Department of Education since the 1970’s. Logan and its Affiliates operate both special education and general education routes.

The Logan family own and operate several related entities, which are bus companies providing student transportation for the City of New York and Nassau County.

The care we have for the students and parents we serve extends beyond the school bus door. Our drivers are very community focused – they organize school sponsorships, hold fundraisers and toy drives, raise money for scholarships, donate field-trip services, and more.

Getting students to and from school safely and efficiently is Logan Bus Company’s top priority! Safety First is the main core value and the fundamental foundation of our mission. Our proven operational and maintenance practices help us execute on our core values and mission.

  • Safety first is the main core value & the foundation of our mission
  • Child check program
  • Excellent communication between drivers, escorts and dispatchers
  • Consistent maintenance programs
  • Professional, expert management team

My son enjoyed his experience riding the Logan bus. When we first introduced him to the idea, he was a little apprehensive, but once school started it became routine. Riding the Logan bus taught him about responsibility and getting to a place on time. It gave him a sense of independence, and as a working mom, it was wonderful not to have to deal with the extra time it took to take him to school. The school Logan bus is a win/win situation. I highly recommend it! Thank you for doing such an amazing job with the kids this year.
— Vivian Glauda, Queens