At Logan, we take pride in having the best-trained drivers in the business.

We dedicate a large amount of time and resources on training and development for our employees. School buses are required to meet the most stringent safety regulations, and our drivers ensure they are operated to the highest safety standards. Our employees are held accountable to meet the most excellent standards, ensuring the safety of students. We care and our employees care – safety first always!

  • Professional Senior Management—safety, leadership, excellent customer service
  • Extensive driver training—classroom and behind-the-wheel
  • Trained specifically to work with children (and parents)
  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Employee reward and recognition programs

Logan has schools at both of its locations, where drivers and matrons take safety classes, CPR classes, refresher classes, and all basic training requirements and situation training. We have several certified 19A examiners and school instructors who teach classes daily.

I am incredibly pleased with the Logan bus service. It has always been on time and it gives me a sense of confidence knowing that my boys are getting to and from school safely. Thank You!
— Kim Schmidt, Brooklyn