At Logan, we understand that highly-engaged, satisfied and accountable employees results in a better experience for our customers.

We treat our employees like family. We offer competitive pay and benefits and a respectful and inclusive work environment. The best-trained drivers in the business work for Logan Bus Company. We have a rigorous process to identify and screen applicants. Applications require extensive background information on candidates, as well as structured personal interviews, which are conducted to ensure the hiring of only the best qualified and competent personnel. We believe that recruiting qualified, responsible drivers is a critical element in providing parents the safest possible student transportation. We promote good driving practices by recognizing accident-free driving, perfect attendance and workplace safety.

Not only my husband and I are totally satisfied with the quality of Logan’s bus service, but our kids are really happy riding the bus to and from school, and they don’t want anything to change about that. I hope our experience inspires other parents to sign up!
— Stacey Klein, New York City